Scottish Trust Deeds and Employment

If you’ve ever experience the ordeal of struggling to make ends meets and being behind on credit repayments, then you know that a Trust Deed is a life saver. This simple debt arrangement system gives amazing flexibility in making payments, and more importantly, the much needed peace of mind. However, many Scots are worried on the effect of Trust Deeds to their careers. Although you might be particularly embarrassed about your Trust Deed, this will not necessarily affect your career.

Child Minder Debt HMRC - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIcYfTBpPQw

Unless your boss is among your creditors, then it is highly unlikely for them to discover you have a Trust Deed. Although it is advertised, it is quite impossible for your boss to pinpoint your name among all the other names. However, if they are to discover about your debt issues and Trust Deed, then they have absolutely no reason to fire you. A Trust Deed will not alter how you carry out your duties at your work place. But if you are an accountant or you handle the institution’s money in any way, then a Trust Deed will stir up trouble, and you might even lose your job.

If you aren’t already employed, then the effect your Trust Deed will have on your employment will depend on the profession or the responsibilities you can handle. In professions such as The Fire Service, The Police and at times The Prison Service, Insolvency is not allowed. Moreover, if you are an accountant with a Trust Deed, it will be incredibly difficult to find a job.

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